AdR Fellowship in Cross-Cultural Leadership and Innovative Entrepreneurship

The AdR Fellowship develops an outstanding network of entrepreneurs and social activists with a genuine ability for innovative thinking and cross-cultural dialogue. By championing a business mindset, civic engagement and impactful leadership, it is  a unique model for conflict resolution, particularly among Jewish and Muslim communities in North America and in Europe. In a multi-layered approach, the program blends the following capacity building drivers:

  1. Business Training
  2. Social Sciences
  3. Innovative Leadership
  4. Experiential Dialogue

The program blends an intense business school curriculum with thought provoking academic readings and dialogue workshops.

It targets visionary leaders with strong skills in driving social change, critical thinking and empathy. The AdR Fellow is eager to learn, thinks out of the box and believes in the strength of pluralism. 

Through an intense summer program followed by a winter bootcamp, the AdR Fellowship helps change makers to strengthen their impact, develop their organization and navigate across cultural differences by a combination of theoretical teaching, tailor-made coaching and peer-to-peer learning.

As the Fellowship continues to expand, we focus on individuals and organizations mainly from Muslim and Jewish communities, although the program is open to everyone working for social change in the following countries: Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA. As we move forward, the Fellowship will continue to enlarge its geographical reach.


How we make a difference

    • We create a new model for conflict resolution by blending social entrepreneurship, social sciences and cross-cultural dialogue.
    • We build a vibrant network of social leaders.
    • We enable social enterprises and non-profit organizations to reach sustainability.
    • We trigger new mindset for cutting across cultural, religious and geographical boundaries.


Eligibility criteria

    • You must be a resident of : Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA
    • You can demonstrate early achievements of  your organization. You have a commitment to facilitate any form of cross-cultural dialogue
    • You commit to attend the entire summer school August 17th – 29th 2014 at the University of Cambridge, UK and to apply for the winter bootcamp (TBD).


Selection process 2014

    • December 16th 2013: applications open
    • February 23rd 2014 midnight, Paris time: applications close
    • February – April 2014: pre-selection
    • May 2014: final juries for short-listed applicants to take place in Paris and New-York
    • June 9th 2014: announcement of the selected of the new AdRF 2014 cohort/class


Application form


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New fellow ? Register

You are not a member of the fellowship ? APPLY